I’ve always believed in heaven…  and I certainly believe that there’s a rock and roll heaven… There is no doubt that the ghost of the late L.A. rock impresario Kim Fowley is smiling down on earth after hearing the new L.A. rock sensation, The Linda Lindas..Their social timing is impeccable. A bunch of very young girls whose age ranges from 10 to 16.. tackle racial and sexual orientation hate head on. Like a segment on CNN!

The track, “Racist, Sexist Boy” lunges with sludgy 90’s grunge fury and a thundering bass tone that can turn on a dime to a speedy power-pop chorus. There’s a vicious message that takes down close-minded boys. While most groups would leave it at that.. The Linda Lindas parley  this anger and turn it into a positive message. “Racist, Sexist Boy” says it all,”We rebuild what you destroy.” But the song also extends a through line from punk’s early provocateurs: women who called out misogyny and racism long before the typically white, male scene realized it needed to show up already. They are breathing new life into the “riot grrrl” movement.
Their video has been taking off at YouTube….

The Linda Lindas takes their name from Linda Linda Linda, a 2005 Japanese movie about young girls starting a rock band. My only question is will the quality music supersede the novelty of the Linda Lindas? Only time will tell.. Rock on’ Girls!