The Temperance Movement  through  thoughtful music have once  again connected with the hearts and minds of the  their American  fan base. They find themselves at the crossroads, using a route unlike other rock bands. Not to commit blasphemy, but there is something positively messianic about the new album from The Temperance Movement, A Deeper Cut”… It’s  more than a coincidence that they are delivering some rock ‘n’ roll salvation for their third album .. This is what we like most about TTM… There may be some press fodder that their music is derivative from 70’s corporate rock that filtrated all of our radios back in the day when F.M. radio were “cutting their teeth” by playing deeper album tracks  …. No matter how a rock band finds its audience, the trek begins with a vision and The Temperance Movement sing about shared thoughts. It’s their musical greatness that steers us away from the chores of workaday business and lets the music be our master! The battle between the oppressive elite seeking to gain and maintain control over every day people who are just trying to live a better day than yesterday; is at the crux of “A Deeper Cut”. I’m not implying that there’s a political agenda… That would be too cliché..

It’s a beautiful album, one that has timeless qualities liken to the early days of Rod Stewart and Sir Elton John…. It rocks much harder than any pop music — few rock albums are this powerful or this rich! I can’t help but surmise that there’s a terse commonality to Phil Campbell and company. Their songwriting  strikes with the pulling of themes, musical motives, story lines and styles that hearken the myth of Americana for all its grandeur .… It’s a testament to the vitality that this Scottish outfit can succeed even though the band had not buckled under the internal strain with the departure of two of its founding members…guitarist Luke Potashnick and drummer Damon Wilson … and the induction of drummer Simon Lea and guitarist,Matt White as replacements. Its all good!

The album paints a lush picture by opening with three brilliant rockin tunes that pretty much covers the waterfront from hard rock, blues, country, R&B, folk and soul.”Caught In The Middle”, “Built-In Forgetter”and “Love & Devotion”…they maintain that  ragged and “laddish” charm that we’ve come to expect… They romp like nobody’s fuckin’ business with wall-rattling drums and sing-songy choruses. At this point TTM have displayed the confidence that was missing from their sophomore album, “White Bear”..I’m not implying the album was faulty.. at times, it sonically clashed.

TTM takes their victory lap with the rest of the album they take the “old school” sound for a “now school”!..Title track, “A Deeper Cut” is just brilliant and Sam Miller’s production is spot on. It tis’ unbearably poignant and reeks of Campbell’s vulnerability.   It’s a lamenting song surrounded by a brooding narrative… resembles Long John Baldry and fellow Glaswegian ..Frankie Miller. I only wish the song would go on for longer…

Long John Baldry and Frankie Miller

“Backwater Zoo” adds a fresh dimension with some great piano play…..Campbell comes head to head with his demons by accepting a higher power to provide the strength to go forward and make amends to all his wrongs… in the song, “Children” with lyrics, “I don’t want to write another song like that”….

“A Deeper Cut” is finally available in America for streaming or purchase.. and they are currently on tour supporting Deep Purple and Judas Priest……