Emanating from a blue collar town outside of Manchester comes to Rock Bands of L.A. com The Virginmarys. Their music can be described as an aural fix  for the common man yet the lyrics reflect the inner turmoil of their singer-song writer-guitarist, Ally Dickaty. He grew up in a family that encouraged musical acumen as an escape of the bitter economic environment of Britain. His vision was to start a rock band by the people and for the people. The Viginmarys ascent for fame has been slow but certainly steady and because they sing from the bowels of their soul they have been attracting a fan base from all over the world. They were recognized as England’s Best Band of 2013 by the incredible Fan Mag.. Classic Rock.

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The favorite sons of Macclesfield, England

Virginmarys 3Often compared to the “Grunge” artists of the 90’s their style is far deeper and maintains panache that is only possible because of their British roots. Unquestionably, they reflect a blues endorsement of early Fleetwood Mac and the Irish guitar titan Rory Gallagher. Their electric version of “Bang Bang Bang” has the makings of rock anthem; a total “pipe layer”. It will make the ladies hot and the men have wicked thoughts.

Early Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green

The Virginmarys classic anthem.. “Bang Bang Bang”

viginmarys5 Earlier this year they released their cataclysmic sounding album, “King of Conflict” which for any classic rock fan is a cause celebrant. It pounds of awesome beats that resembles those of mid period  Led Zeppelin, yet the lyrics are toned with deep sensitivity and mindful sophistication. While performing live their presence is festooned with the pounding drum beats of Dickaty’s school mate, Danny Dolan. Since they were young lads they always had this desire to start a rock band that was going to be sophisticated without being arrogant.

Their rock schooling is highlighted by three years of constant touring. Dolan doesn’t play the drums.. he attacks them to the point of carnage. His style is a cross between Keith Moon and Ginger Baker; his aggression to drum skins is akin to a child with A.D.D… in that he assaults the instrument in every imaginable position… not ever staying still for a moment. As a three piece The Virginmarys have a bombastic sound with  shrapnel  left upon the stage .

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Keith Moon from The Who & Ginger Baker of Cream

Mr. Dickaty told Rock Bands of L.A. regarding their style and their quest for American fans, “There’s something so special about the simplicity of guitar, bass and drums that I think it will always live on. I think people experiencing the band for the first time are different in America; they seem more outgoing and up for it. But big fans of the band seem to be similar everywhere. We have such a strong and loyal fan base that seems to react the same way wherever we go. I think there’s more to us than a classic rock band, there is a lot of influence from punk and grunge, certainly in the music’s urgency and rawness. We have a lot of different fans, but it doesn’t bother us at all that we appeal to whoever. I think at the end of the day, great music is great music.”
The Virginmarys’, “Dress to Kill”

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What makes “King of Conflict” so much more interesting is that they released the album again but entitled, “King of Conflict Stripped”; a bold and thoughtful move for a band that desired to show a deeper inner psyche from their traditional forte. “Stripped” goes to the next level… The track, “Dead Man’s Shoes” speaks of making dubious decisions in one’s life to the “dylanesque”, “You’ve Got Your Money” with its socio-political statement against capitalism. Ally commented about releasing a stripped version of “King of Conflict”, “We decided to do the Stripped album as a thank you to the fans. We did a limited deluxe version of King Of Conflict with the Stripped album included. It went down so well that we have since released it on Itunes. I wrote the majority of the album on acoustic so it wasn’t too difficult recording them this way. I spent a bit of time re working some of the songs and it was good fun. The reaction to it has been incredible and made the lyrics stand out to people a lot more. We haven’t really had anyone getting the idea we are not a rock band, I think primarily we always will be a rock band, it’s just something extra we wanted give to our fans”.

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I commend The Virginmarys for maintaining a great rapport with their fan base. Ally, being very business savvy, sees the importance of social networking. Our quote from Mr. Dicatay regarding their methods, “Social networking is a great tool for bands today. We try to keep our pages updated with pretty much everything that is happening with the band. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with our fans. I would say to never dismiss social networking. Let your fans in on what’s going with the band as often as possible. It’s a great way to build your fan base and keep people excited.

Virginmarys 12We will include links there the band invites fans and new alike to correspond with links to their sight and I promise they’ll read them.
We also want to give a cordial notice to Ms. Julie Lichtenstein from Wind-up Records for her kind words and follow through. She was a tremendous help to Rock Bands of L.A.com.

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I suggest listening to both versions of “Kings of Conflict” and grasp the greatness of a band to have double life.

Here’s The Virginmarys’ official site..http://www.thevirginmarys.com/site/


Jefferson A. Laufer