Sometimes when you are late to the party you end up having the greatest times. As cliché as it may sound music is timeless and so be the case with Australian trail blazers.. The Walking Who. This beckoning and promising trio based in Sydney first attracted attention with their 2011 release” Candy Flu”.

The album is edgy with mantra driven choruses that would titillate any fan of mainstream classic rock. It’s embellishment is realized by its title track, “Candy Flu”; which can easily be accused of sounding indie/psycho but it would not tell the whole story. Perhaps, 25 years ago Neil Young would have had divine intervention to write lyrics that singer/guitarist Rohin Brown devised, “I’m doing lines, I’m doing fine, lines twist ’round my brain and I turn blue”. If ill relationships can be cured by eating bags of gummy bears than this song would satisfy any sweet tooth.

The Walking Who gummy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Walking Who and Gummy Bears

With any aural hygiene dilemma there’s nothing very funny about laughing gas but with the release of their 2013 E.P. release “Mansions“, The Walking Who stepped it up and began to receive its critical ado  of this artist yet drew in remnants of Aussie “Surf”titans.. The Hoodoo Gurus riding that perfect wave into the sunset. With the hype we read when a new Beck album is released and in a matter of days it’s become forgotten, The Walking Who has the sustaining power and drive. Oh how the song “Rita” resonates with its bellowing keyboards and tells the story of a man realizing that life  ends in tragedy.
hoodoo gurusyoung

The Hoodoo Gurus                                      Neil Young at Zuma Beach

Irony isn’t restricted to a Shakespearean sonnet but when governments are in more need of medication than its constituents it became incumbent for The Walking Who to create their masterpiece.. “With Roses”. Recorded in a more idyllic environment of Byron Bay it is where their roots of folk and country came into play; and the mad doses of psycho chagrin became replaced with optimism and ennui. The band mentioned in their bio, “as you imagine, the EP took a different turn thematically to a darker place and the first taste of this is “With Roses’-although this song did seem to cling to the feelings of optimism”.

Their ambiguity with emotional equivocation  shows that whatever they are doing it is making them a happier and more prolific band. We predict that T.W.W. will be more endorphin driven as this album unfolds and will flourish as a bouquet of white roses. Los Angeles would welcome this band with open arms without repent. Come to the “Best Coast” and prove that music from “down under” is alive and ready to bring Rock and Roll back to its rightful place here in the U.S.A..

the walking who 27 Horses 2australian guitar
I would be derelict if I didn’t mention the proper names of T.W.W..Rohin Brown, Paul Mclean and Jay Drury.
A special thanks to Ms. Cathy Oates and Ms. Justine ..
Great ladies….peace and love….
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Jeff Laufer