L.A. band the Warbly Jets not only salutes the power of rock & roll but most important reaffirms it! Their live “quah” sets up an interesting perspective with T.V. screens showing various video loops while audio verbiage is mimeographed from the loud speakers all of which intertwines a common theme of dystopian dysfunction. The stage is back lit with an American flag that is erected upside down which is taken directly from MC5’s debut album. I’m not really sure if the band has a political agenda or not but principle member and keyboardist, Julien O’Neill hails from the “Motor City” before moving to NYC where he became acquainted with Samuel Shea who plays guitar and vocals. From NYC they trekked to L.A. and formed the Warbly Jets. Their goal was not to be a rock band anyone would expect but to be a band that touches  audiences in different ways. They just may be L.A.’s best rock band!

MC5 wayne flip webimgres

Wayne Kramer of  the MC5

They’re more interested in creating a statement than being reviewed as just another “psyche” band from L.A.. They push forward into music’s future rather than the past. Often times it’s almost impossible for a band to be musically ground-breaking.. but truth be told the Warbly Jets are certainly trailblazers! The press wants to “connect the dots” that the band is heavily influences by Brit. Pop of the 90’s (Stone Roses, Blur, Soup Dragons) but it’s not really telling the “right” story and surly those bands are suitable antecedents but none more close than Syd Barrett, the prognosticator of Pink Floyd.


….The Warbly Jets

Barrett left behind a small but unbelievably potent body of work. He was the principal songwriter behind Pink Floyd’s debut –  the 1967 masterpiece, “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn”; plus, a handful of strong early singles that helped define the psychedelic age. His creative genius was derailed by a drug-fueled psychological collapse forcing his 1968 removal from the group he helped form. Though he was only in the band for two year his specter haunted the band for the remainder of their existence and his presence is felt in some of their finest work. His introspection was induced by LSD and other consciousness-expanding substances which led many in his circle to convert to a sect of Sikhism known as Sant Mat (literally “Path of the Saints”) which dates back to 13th-century India where  religion follows a strict moral code and principles of abstinence.


Syd Barrett..”Shine On You Crazy Diamond”

In past interviews, the Warbly Jets   portray the band as being a bit “cheeky” and flippant at times. Honestly it would all be much easier to let the music do the talking.

Their first single, “Alive” is about as close as you can get to being a rock and roll masterpiece. With  so much groove  we’re excited that a forthcoming album will be released this year. Here are they lyrics to “Alive”.

I’m biding my time at the end of the line

No compromisin’ set
So I’ll walk through fire
Break through the burns to find my desire

But I’m slipping back again
Back to the start again
Back where I ought’ve been
Feels like the tide is turnin’
Back again
No sign of settlin’
Just like there’s never been
Sounds like the record’s broken


The Warbly Jets are just finishing their Mondy night residency at the world famous Satellite…