Everyone’s talking how astrology has caused the most violent Summer in American history. Mercury is the messenger planet. It’s responsible for the way you think and plan ahead… getting from point A to point B, and of course, exchanging information with others. When it’s undergoing apparent retrograde motion, Mercury is essentially traveling back in time; which tends to bring up unresolved issues from the past. This is why films like “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” has piqued the mainstream of how L.A.’s urban topography use to be decades ago. The movie, “Bohemian Rhapsody”  was all about “Mercury’s retrograde”… in its story alone. I’m not the kinda’ person who meanders in the past.. but we are all encompassed with yesteryear.  Since it’s not functioning in the forward-moving way Mercury is used to, this transit causes loads of technological and communication mishaps. This was the premise for British  director, Danny Boyle’s film, “Yesterday”. It’s not totally our fault. So you accidentally sent your lover a screenshot of your private parts that you meant to send to your lascivious pen pal on Tinder…. Shit happens! Mercury retrograde must take some of the blame. When Mercury is in full retrograde it puts our confidence and  self-esteem to the test. Having trust in one’s self is the only approval you truly need and I assure you all it comes from within. Metaphorically it’s a spiritual calling..

When the late Dick Clark packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles from Philadelphia in order  to create a new show that was unlike any other T.V. music show… Where The Action Is…The action, so to speak, was in the outdoors. Instead of filming musical acts in a television studio, the cameras captured rising acts outdoors — on the beach, in a park, the mountains and on the L.A. streets …The “house- band” was Paul Revere and the Raiders.. the show featured a regular team of dancers dubbed “The Action Kids” and their ratings soared… It’s format was as unpredictable as the artists they booked….The roster of groups to hit the show covered everything from girl groups to garage rock.. from folk to soul.. It didn’t matter…It was fresh and unpretentious.

Waterboys’ mind hunter,… Mike Scott is part vagabond and part orphan… sure he knows that his pop was Irish and mum was Scottish..Scott has played the nautical sailor throughout his career. I say this with huge respect… No two of their albums are alike… Commercial success has been challenged by his musical pathos. He has a vehement disdain for the 80’s…Rock-star shtick … In spite of this it twas’ the decade that The Waterboys were at their most prolific… “This is the Sea”, “Pagan Place” and “Fisherman Blues” were met with epic reviews and radio airplay… but they were nothing alike…..again, this is where Scott prefers to fall into an “astrological retrograde”, by being thematically unpredictable. This is the challenge put forth to Scott’s fans. He just didn’t want any part of being a “Stadium Rock Act” continually releasing the same sounding records … .  If you’re musical tastes caroms between Hank Williams, the “Brothers” Gallagher, Mahalia Jackson and Paul McCartney then The Waterboys’ new album, “Where The Action Is” will be on repeat play.  Spiritually festooned with mercurial polyester, the album is a joy to listen to. It’s as if Scott got “punked” into the 80’s. I dunno… but I love the new album.. well sort of… The earnest way to describe “Where The Action Is”… ignore what you’ve read by press wankers…They’ve seem to have neglected to mention that it’s a “double” album; a far more enjoyable experience. The sounds features shakedown gospel meets space- age gangsta’ soul . At time you feel like you’ve heard this before…  well..maybe not exactly this way, but enough that it grabs your attention. Subtlety is the key ingredient for Scott. To make something sound pleasantly retro, you need to hint at older styles… Perhaps this is the future shape of sound and Where The Action Is.

The Waterboys American Tour: