What we like most about Tim Montana and The Shrednecks is their music is both redemptive and reflective. Just because Outlaw Country “wannabees” talk of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Gram Parsons their music still sounds like shit! Montana and company  takes it to another level with a wry, you-lookin’-at-me, back-hand slap in a genre that is mostly filled with bloated milquetoast and a false jet-blast of defiance. Its  a withering  music style that is overrun with Civil War regalia, “Deliverance”-style overalls, vintage dresses, cowgirl boots, and de rigeur phoney hillbilly nasal intonation. The Shrenecks lay bare all the calculated looks and half-hearted music with blistering guitars behind their hell-fire-and-brimstone kick-ass sarcasm as sung in their rock/country anthem, “This Beard Came to Party”  featuring guitar titan, Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top.


Tim Montana and the Shrednecks courtesy of Josh Marx

In some ways “The Shrednecks” could be a band out of time. As if God played the ultimate cosmic joke and stuck them in the wrong decade. Yet, their brand of rock and roll is every bit as relevant as Kid Rock and Blackberry Smoke.. upholding the sound, spirit and tradition of Southern rock from the 70’s… Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers and Neil Young…

Black Berry Smokekid rock

Lynyrd_Skynyrd_(1973)neil young

Blackberry Smoke..A Young Kid Rock.. Lynyrd Skynyrd.. Neil Young

For those that are leery of such tags of “Southern Rock” don’t fret…there’s a heap more than meets the “ear of corn”….If I had to offer a summation of The Shrenecks in one phrase, I would say that their album debut is rock and roll in its purest form. Rarely you’ll  find a band totally unfettered from superfluous obligations to critics and overbearing music lackeys; and in this space they’re simply allowed to be themselves.

Tim Montana is from Butte, MT..  The city has had quite a long American history; its motto is “The Richest Hill on Earth”…..Once  the largest copper producers in the world it has a serious environmental degradation..As you’d expect, Butte has a “rough and tumble” ethos… lots of saloons and a red light district that was pretty risqué..  The  population has been declining since the last century due to a failing copper market… Like many  American cities, big and small  music really flourishes because of  economic hardships.

Here are excerpts from our interview with Tim Montana:

 Rock Bands of L.A. com :What was life like growing up in a town that was so troubled?

Tim Montana:

 Looking back, growing up off the grid in Montana was pretty tough, but at the time it was all I knew. I was just another rural Montana kid. The work ethic I learned at a young age certainly helped me in the music business.  The “never quit” attitude is a necessity in this tough business.  Being from Montana, I’m used to having to work a little harder and maybe a little longer to earn the things I want. Butte is a hard working town and I’ve yet to find a place like it.  Work hard, play hard, never quit! 

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Rock Bands:

In 2008 you performed on the David Letterman show… he saw you at a gig in Butte. He flipped out and put you on his show… your song “This Beard Came Here to Party” got a huge plug during the 2013  World Series winner, Boston win a few years back… and former Navy Seal credited for shooting Osama bin Laden… Rob O’Neill comments that your music being an inspiration… You know there’s only so much “lightning” that can fit in a bottle! You are connecting with  the American culture, especially when there’s so much evil in the world?


Thanks for the kind words!  I’ve been blessed to have some amazing people get behind my music and help me move the ball.  From Letterman to Gibbons, Kid Rock and Rob O’Neill. I’m proud to call my heroes my friends. A couple of U.S. Navy SEALs have been especially supportive of the band over the course of this tour; they own the Fix Yourself Clothing and Man Mugs brands. How many traveling bands can say that they’ve got a couple U.S. Navy SEALs that have their back!?

red sox12912449_585449404969073_1823418698_nrob 2

Fear the Beard Red Sox                      ..Navy Seal Hero Rob O’Neill

We asked Montana about his first meeting with Gibbons from ZZ Top:


I met BFG the same day I found out my Mom was breast cancer free.  That day didn’t suck at all!  He came in and we wrote “This Beard Came Here To Party.”  I thought to myself, “If this is the only time I meet the man, then I am beyond content and will cherish the memory forever.”  Then the Red Sox called and blew the song up.  Since then, Billy and I have become great friends and have written tons of songs together.


I commend T.M&TS for supporting our American troops abroad …The Chris Kyle (American Sniper) Les Paul guitar that was costumed designed by Tim was auctioned for The Guardian For Heroes Foundation and got sold for $117,000!!.. how did this come to be? By the way the guitar is “fuckin” awesome! In my humble opinion this is why you are going to be very successful! Americans can revel with your sincere acts of patriotism  while the music is really great!..Plans to play for our troops abroad?


I always dreamed of being a soldier, even having recruiters constantly at the house driving my mother nuts.  A very bad motorcycle accident in 2004 squashed those dreams.  I always wanted to serve. So now, like Chris Kyle said, “serve those who serve us.”  I admire troops and veterans and wanna help in any way possible and will continue to do so my entire career.  I’m really hoping we can do some military base or USO tours in the near future!

sniper guitarchris-kyle

Montana with the “Chris Kyle” Les Paul..

Montana and the Shrednecks are about to embark on  a major tour in support of ZZ Top…They also  performed on the infamous Kid Rock Boat excursion…

Rock Bands:

You are going on the road with the globe’s  greatest rock and roll legend..Z Z Top… what are people going to expect to see? Will Billy come on stage and perform “Weed and Whisky”??? How was the Kid Rock boat trip? I can only imagine what that was like? CRAZY!!


We’re so honored to join ZZ Top on tour!  The shows are going great and the music is flying! The boat trip with Kid Rock was out of this world and judging by the photos it looks like I had a good time ; )

We love what Tim Montana and company are all about and their allegiance to the plight of the American dream. When music gets befuddled with references and fashion these fellows seem to keep it all in check…

Montana liveTim-Montana_630x420

T.M.&TS… photo courtesy of Josh Marx

Rock Bands:

Do you feel that there’s an authenticity to your music than other artists  that just use a hook to hang  their hat on?


I just play what I feel and write about what I know.  I’m as country as the day is long but I’m a high energy guy as well.  I don’t think I can be put into a box because you never know when we may drop some Katy Perry or Waylon or even some Eminem.  


Check out the Tim Montana and The Shrenecks website for info

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We want to thank Tim Montana and Amanda Cagan for their time and energy..