It’s time to reclaim the name of goth, and make it great again. So let it be said that L.A. Goth band.. Twin Temple have made themselves the new “dark angels” for the movement. There’s a sense of sinister tribalism in their appearance and music that makes them so awesome. It’s high time the scene looks forward and reinvents itself again! The opportunity is here for Twin Temple’s “satanic do-wop” duo of Zachary and Alexandra James to take Goth music to a  badly needed charmed fashion that would have George Gershwin, John Coltrane, Sharon Jones and Amy Winehouse frolicking in their graves.

Zachary and Alexandra James…Twin Temple

The first things people ask, sadly often followed by, ‘Do you like…’ and the name of a random psyche band or a Marilyn Manson “wannabe”, to which I answer ‘No’. It unfortunately seems to do nothing but puts me on the offense and I’m forced to say that I like The Cure as some kind of meeting point between the underground culture I love and the media led music industry of days gone by. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, I like being a part of something small, something almost intimate.For me the worst years of goth was when it went mainstream, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I can date my earliest interest in the scene from the only time I saw Bauhaus perform “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” …This was 1979, the year when things started to change for me and this new movement started to take shape. There are arguments that will undoubtedly rage for years as to when goth began, but for me this will always be where I chart its beginnings. Bauhaus mastermind, Daniel Ash kept me in the loop through his exploits of “The Bubblemen”, Tones On Tail and Love and Rockets.  These days that rebellious streak is not so evident. Today’s generation have all but forgotten what we were once like; when today its what you wear is more important than what you think.

The press has written kindly of Twin Temple by their asymmetric cheeky reviews exclaiming the band’s devotion to the “dark side”; but the truth be told that the loving couple of Mr. and Mrs. James beckons with greatness with their sensuous music foreplay. The best part of Twin Temple is their live performance.. Ms. Alexandra is commanding and beautiful.. while guitar maestro, Mr. Zachary conducts a ghoulish bunch of outstanding musicians.. If there were a convention for grave diggers.. Twin Temple would be their “headlining” band. Their debut single, “Girl Trouble” is about betrayal and plays as if Satan went soft and actually had a  angelic streak.

Sadly over the years the purveyors of goth seemed lost. The music in the nineties was largely dire, possibly due to the scenes popularity at the end of the eighties bringing in a lot of people without those punk roots, who brought with them their own set of influences which largely diluted the music.