The early 70’s was an interesting period for rock music. The Beatles had dominated the scene like no one before or since; even after the split up to pursue solo careers added up to a lesser value. It seemed to open the ears of the listening public to other artists who had hovered in the background. While at the same time energizing many of those artists to do some of their best  efforts.  Who’s Next, Aqualung, Sticky Fingers , In Rock, Hunky Dory and other impressive efforts that graced our attention during the greatest decade for rock n’ roll!

VOODOO SIX 2020 Photo copyright by JOHN McMURTRIE

British Band Voodoo Six seems guided more by instinct than any sense of formula. There are some superb embellishments characterized by a combination of bites and swirls.  It radiates confidence and maturity that Voodoo Six have lacked on their earlier albums.  They have a renewed sense of vigor and purpose making some of the best music they have ever made! Simulation Game is a quantum leap in their career.. no exception! There’s attention to sonic and emotional detail. A focus on musical light and shade which reflects the album’s essence… It is too light for metal and too heavy for prog. Therefore the album is impossible to categorize. The “Simulation Game” is a must for any fan of pre -millennium rock. It shows the pioneering of amazing dual guitar work, great (independent) basslines, and a lot of melody; and a nice mystic feel in the overall music and lyrics. Their use of strings may put some people off at first but it makes the listening process that much better.  Even the album’s artwork reflects a “headier” perspective…The hallmarks are all here and encapsulates every essence of the past elements that has made me a serious fan. Voodoo Six has caught lightning in a bottle as far as the songwriting is concerned. Everyone needs to hear this record as part of their bucket list: it really is that good.
Their current single, “Liar And Thief” lyrics has a quasi-sibylline sense to it. It sings of salvation that  punches and pulses with a melody that dances with the best of em’..The future is bright for “Simulation Game” it’s set to become an immediate classic release… Production is incredible and much better than their earlier releases… All things considered the record is a perfect balance between prog, hard rock and Nu-Metal.. You won’t go wrong.

Matt Pearce, the guitarist of Voodoo Six, catches up with Rock Bands of LA.

Rock Bands of love the new album “Simulation Game.” it’s my favourite album. I read your bio and it said what bands you felt influence you? Please, the reality is you have carved a sound that’s ground- breaking. You are far from Metal. You also have a “prog” feel. How do you want your fans to interpret your music? What music do you listen to?
Matt Pearce: I think we all have tastes that go back to the classic bands, UFO, Maiden obviously, Led Zep, AC/DC etc, but vocalist Nik Taylor-Stoakes was hugely into the 90s scene, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden etc. and more modern stuff too, so it’s a mixture of the classic and modern.

Rock Bands of Who’s idea was it to add strings? What a brilliant call. Who produced this album? They did a perfect job. The sound is so pristine, yet it has a “muddy” feel to it.

Matt Pearce: Tony Newton (our bass player) engineered and produced the album as he has all of them apart from Make Way… when we used Tom Fletcher as producer. So, using the strings as a part of the sound rather than an icing on the top of the odd song was his vision. The string parts were a big part of the writing process rather than just being put on top afterwards.

Rock Bands of’ve selected an ace band. How was the process for your recruitment of them…? What took so long to record the current album?

Matt Pearce: It’s the same basic core line-up as it’s been for the last 10 years, Tony, me and Joe, Nik joined before the previous album. Our label guy at the time recommended him and he was the only guy we considered out of all the people we heard. Tom has joined on this album to make it a two-guitar line-up again, we’ve known him for years and been waiting for a chance for us to all work together. It worked well.I did all the guitar on the last album which wasn’t the original plan, and this band works much better as a twin guitar set-up. It didn’t really take that long, we finished last Autumn, and it was meant to me out in March but got delayed obviously, that’s about normal for us! The recording went quite quickly really.

Rock Bands of It’s a shame that the pandemic has delayed the band’s game plan. What’s your feelings about performing a “virtual” concert? What about your social network choices?

Matt Pearce: It is a shame! But it is what it is for everyone right now. I’m not convinced that a virtual show would suit this band as the energy that this music has really needs that audience connection. So, it’s possible we’ll need to wait for gigs to get back more to a normal set-up.

We want to thank Matt Pearce.. Peter Noble.. and the greatly talented  photographer JOHN McMURTRIE

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