Synthesizers have been regarded by some as cold and fake because the sounds weren’t made by physical strums of strings or slaps on skins, this despite their prominence since the 1960s. In the ’70s, artists like Brian Eno, Kraftwerk and Roxy Music showed the endless possibilities. And going into th 80’s synth became rabid. Groups based in the U.K. and beyond were inspired to create their own electronic music which incorporated more melodic song forms and pop elements. Synth-pop was born. Some devoted themselves completely to synthesizers and drum machines, while others incorporated them alongside more traditional instruments. As punk and post-punk had shown, there were no rules, only imagination.

You could call the Warbly Jets appearance at the world-famous Echo a return of splendor for one of L.A.’s great rock bands. Rock Bands of were the very first to write about “The Jets”. Over a year ago and since that time they’ve toured China, opened for Ex-Oasis singer, Liam Gallagher and having their first single, “Alive” featured in the latest Spiderman video game. Thus, proving that no stage is too large for this rock outfit! Fortunately, they’ve vectored away from the cloudy varnish of British pop in favor of a harder and more deliberate funky sound; which is evident from their newly released E.P., “Propaganda”. A song that tis’ politically charged with a common mantra  of our world getting its shit together..

The show featured music from their complete dossier of work. Their performance was grandiose and as far as I could tell the audience was in full approval. Singer, Samuel Shea is your ideal proto-type rock star with his  god- like flowing hair and confidence. Keyboardist/guitarist, Julien O’neill  and bassist, Dan Gerbang.. supplements with synth-pop “diddys” that keeps the music all together with some pretty fuckin’ awesome beats. My faves were “4the Coming Bomb”.. “Shapeshifter”and of course “Alive”… which never seems to get old.. We have a hunch that 2019 could be the breakthrough year for the Warbly Jets. You got the power in your hands to make the globe a better place.. Go see the Warbly Jets….